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Everyone likes to talk about their freedom of speech rights, especially if someone else is attempting to tell you to shut up. “How dare you tell me to be quiet,” and, “You are not the boss of me!” I’m thinking it doesn’t register the same way when you are demanding that other person to stop spewing their garbage around you.


Either way, I’ve never had a problem listening to other voices, to hear what they’re attempting to say or even how they came to the positions they espouse. Unfortunately, all too often they are merely regurgitating tired old liberal dribble propaganda, but I listen to know that as well.


Which brings us to the main point of this thought, that being “To properly exercise true freedom of speech one must be willing to first LISTEN.”


I was taught, a long time ago by a businessman, two things; a) If you first listen to all sides, contemplate what each is saying, analyze their intent, formulate a response based on the totality of their presented thoughts, when you speak your words will drop with the validity of the weight of a thousand bricks. Why? Because most will only be concerned with their own thoughts and positions, and b) You never have to prove, to anyone, your qualifications to speak.


If you can understand that this is what motivates me in hoping and helping to motivate yáll to engage with me and the other Coastal Bend citizens/listeners to explore, weigh, and evaluate the issues affecting us all as a community, and that your voices, in speaking to these issues, help us all gain a greater understanding of what is needed to assure positive outcomes, well then, we are all the better as neighbors and friends.


So call in. Join in. Listen, reflect, and add to the conversation via our 1440 KEYS Listener Line or Text Line (361) 560-5397 and let’s get busy being part of the solutions needed. Here, free speech is welcomed and All Voices Will Be Heard!


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