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KEYS News Blog Archives for 2018-01

Knowledge & Action



It is said that “Knowledge & Action” are twins. That each one elevates, dignifies, promotes, and exalts the other. How, one may wonder, can this be true? Isn’t it a case of one or the other but not both simultaneously? After all, isn’t it also clear that people, more often than not, constantly act before (or at least without) knowing anything about, or should I say more about, that which they are taking action either for or against?


Time after time we find ourselves and others reacting, which is acting without having determined the more prudent or more effective response. An extreme but not unusual example would be the proverbial case of road rage.


Imagine two men, strangers to each other, on their way to different destinations, for different purposes encountering each other in a traffic situation (as minute as one car pulling in front of the other or passing the other) and they end up in a literal death struggle. What an avoidable tragedy decidedly bereft of knowledge.


But regarding knowledge, it also clear that while there are degrees of it and sometimes, oftimes, even that amount is not consulted before taking an action. Knowledge must first be based in fact and secondly knowledge must utilized. Too many people/citizens fail to act even though they “know” that failure to do so gives tacit consent to the things they fear most. How would you describe someone or a group of people, having the knowledge of a situation, plus the knowledge of potential negative results that would occur if they did not take action, and still they refuse to act?


Maybe this is what is meant by “Knowledge & Actions” are twins?


However, if this is true, it begs another question to ponder. That being, “What good is one without the other?” Why act without knowing and, certainly, why know and not act?


Could this be why folks don’t vote? Why they miss out on job promotions, relationships, financial opportunity, or especially if you are religious/spiritual… blessings?


My head hurts. I done.


I’ll think about it again, later.


Much later.


Hopefully before I need to act!


So call in. Join in. Listen, reflect, and add to the conversation via our 1440 KEYS Listener Line or Text Line (361) 560-5397 and let’s get busy being part of the solutions needed. Here, free speech is welcomed and All Voices Will Be Heard!


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