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The Gun Grab, part 1

The Gun Grab, pt. 1

According to Breitbart News, Mitch McConnell tapped” Cornyn to partner with him to work with Senate Democrats to craft a supposedly bipartisan response to the Uvalde shooting. Well, maybe not so bipartisan. This weekend at the Texas GOP convention in Houston, Cornyn was viciously booed” when he took the stage. Attendees chanted, no red flags,” and go back home,” which I can only construe actually means return to D.C., the natural environment of such slimy creatures.


Elsewhere, Cornyn appeared to position himself as the initiator of the framework that’s been hammered out and introduced under the guise of bills in the house, I suppose claiming unspoken moral authority in the aftermath of the Uvalde debacle.


While the truth is that Uvalde is yet another shining example of the failure, if not outright complicity, of both local law enforcement and the F.B.I., Cornyn’s apologia, that it’s easy to criticize such a complex situation in hindsight, no doubt left McConnell with a warm and cozy feeling that he could count on our RINO Senator to collaborate with him. And, yes, I mean that in the WWII sense.


After their back room dirty work was done, the House passed “Protecting Our Children” (H.R. 7910), proposing to increase the minimum age for purchase of semi automatic weapons to 21, prohibit large capacity magazines, bar “straw purchases” for 3rd parties, and set secure firearms storage regulations for homes.


But even more treacherously slick on this slippery slope toward the normalization of gun confiscation is H.R.2377, also passed by the House. The legislation allows courts to issue “extreme risk protection orders” that bar an individual who shows risk of misuse from possessing a firearm.


The exact terrain of the slippery slope is the review done of the individual’s mental health records by the courts. We’ve all had an object lesson in the so-called impartiality of our current court system. What, pray tell, is the likelihood of courts weaponizing FERPO’s against political opposition? 100%, I’d say.


And further, the bill creates a new grant program to assist states and local governments to implement and carry out similar legislation closer to home, known as "red flag laws.” This really appears to have been the proverbial straw this weekend for the convention delegates in Houston. And well it should be. Such policies have no place in the bastion of 2A rights that is Texas.


But Cornyn sidestepped the philosophical divide by dismissing the dissent, characterizing those who objected as a “mob” and their attitude one of hate. Sound familiar? Let me connect the dots: dissent is hate, opposition is suspect if not outright illegal. And while Cornyn may have the dubious luxury of throwing shade like that at the inmates of the J6 Gulag, let me remind you these are his actual constituents he’s talking about here.


Case in point why we need to go after this with both barrels blazing. We are all in the crosshairs of this anti second amendment juggernaut. Cornyn needs to be brought to heel, and then ousted before he tries to set his cap to replace McConnell as Republican Senate leader.


And at the state and local levels, we need to hammer home to our representatives that we will NOT accept red flag laws in return for filthy federal lucre, and we will not enact them under any circumstance.


No matter how many false flags the Feds perpetrate.