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Michael Berry

The Michael Berry Show is not traditional “conservative talk.” It’s one part Hee Haw, one part FM morning show, one part church (except there’s some cussin sometimes). It’s a team, made up of Ramon Robles, Chad Nakanishi, Yo Justin King, “Producer Kenny Webster”, Research Director Sandra Peterson, & listener contributors. He’s the national spokesman for PTSD Foundation of America & promotes St. Jude & adoption.

Michael Berry eats too much, drinks too much, smokes too many cigars, & loves classic country music & bacon. He’s been married 25 years to his bride, Nandita. She’s from India, and she’s hot. His boys, Crockett & Michael T, are 10 & 11. Michael is known as the Czar of Talk because, well, he is. He loves the 70s and never quite left em. He's 46 going on 80.

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