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WHO to believe...


   When the corona virus first made land here in the u.s., I remember watching some pressers featuring the talking heads (not the rock band) of those institutions that purport to have public health as their primary interest. You know, the CDC, the Center for Infectious Disease, even the WHO (not the rock band.) And they all said the same thing: there’s no cure, there’s no treatment.


Wow, I thought. That’s grim.


Then, once they realized that some of us weren’t accepting a death sentence on their say so and were actually going to do our own research into alternatives, they came out and said, don’t seek alternative health care.


Excuse me?


Let me see if i’ve got this. Its highly transmissible and several orders of magnitude more lethal than influenza. You have no cure or even treatment, and I’m not supposed to seek an alternative opinion? You’re kidding, right?


Ummm, no they’re not.


Well, sit down and shut up doesn’t work for me. There was already plenty of research around, like the studies in asia where they successfully treated the virus with intravenous vitamin c, or the successful treatment with chloroquine which drives life giving zinc into the cells, a lesson learned by alternative health practitioners during the sars outbreak 10 years ago.


Oh, then they said, don’t take that either. And they still weren’t kidding. Fortunately, President Trump apparently told them to sit down and shut up, and mostly they did, except for a few governors.



Meanwhile, I joined a task force of naturopaths and herbalists and we started putting together our own list of remedies and medicines, along with the method of action of each substance, verifying the science behind it.


And you know what? The list of treatments is long impressive, and powerful, from herbs to vitamins and minerals, and including low cost and fairly non toxic pharmaceuticals. These are substances that are readily available and highly effective in the hands of a knowledgeable and skilled alternative provider. Some even act as covid preventatives.


But perhaps the most powerful part of this approach may not even be the compounds themselves, but the active responsibility for our own health that we can achieve when we take back our reliance on the talking heads (not the rock band) and apply our critical thinking. That is exactly where the real power lies.



Last night someone forwarded me an article. It seems that now there is research indicating that the anti-parasitic, Ivermectin, may be a very effective treatment for covid, eliminating the virus in vitro within 48 hours. Add it to the growing list. I just had to laugh. I happen to have a bunch of it on hand.


Joe jackson wrote a great song back in the day:


Everything gives you cancer,

Everything gives you cancer,

There’s no cure, there’s no answer,

Everything gives you cancer



I guess it depends on who you believe.


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