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Texas Fights Outloud

Fix the Grid

This week we are tasking members of the Legislature to take a more realistic and practical approach to fixing the state’s energy grid than ever before. No, we’re prodding them, because inaction on the structural problems that plague our grid has become an Austin trademark. They, along with Governors and Lt. Governors have been kicking this can down the road for over ten years.


Now we face an aging grid that is flirting with failure just as people are moving to our state in droves and energy demand is on the rise dramatically. It will take four years to bring new thermal plants (non renewables) on line, and that’s if supply chains are functioning.


But we say what Mission Control said: failure is not an option.


This will take real leadership to solve. Previous Senate Bills did NOT. So enough with good ole’ boy politics and Green New Deal boondoggles. Neither a hide bound, nor a “Progressive” approach will win the day for consumers and ratepayers. We need a clear eyed, radical rethinking of our grid, and the grit and determination to see it through, before we allow lack of leadership to make Texas’ electricity as expensive and unreliable as California’s.


Texas Fights Outloud offers several points of consideration that we want reflected in legislation in this session.


Eliminate subsidies for renewable energy

Make wind and solar generators pay for the reliability costs they impose on the grid

Ensure that customers pay only for the energy supplied to them, not the energy transmitted

Reimburse consumers for ERCOT’s gross mismanagement of the Uri Storm grid failure

Incentivize grid operators to build more generation by levying a small fee on consumers

Allow utilities to face penalties and legal liability for grid failures

Prohibit ERCOT brokering contracts in the wholesale electricity market

Eliminate the PUC and Railroad Commission’s authority to manipulate market prices

Create a Texas Energy Commission that combines the PUC and the Railroad Commission


Read the blog post on the Bob Jones Show webpage. Educate yourself. Then write. Call. Show up on their doorstep. Make a fuss before they make even more of a mess! And don’t forget to tell ‘em Texas Fights Outloud sent you.

ENERGY RESOURCES COMMITTEE MEMBERS (just a few—there are 11 in all)


Rep. Abel Herrero

101 East Main Avenue

Robstown, Texas 78380

(361) 387-0457



Rep. Ron Reynolds

2440 Texas Parkway, Suite 102

Missouri City, Texas 77489

(281) 208-3574




Rep. Ben Leman

401 South Austin Street

Brenham, Texas 77833

(979) 836-1238



Rep. Tom Craddick

500 West Texas, Suite 880

Midland, TX 79701

(432) 682-3000



Rep. Drew Darby

36 W. Beauregard Suite 517

San Angelo, TX 76903

(325) 658-7313



Rep. Tracy King

5500 S. Zapata Highway

Building F, Room 130

Laredo, Texas 78046

(512) 463-0194