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Election tampering is not new. American history is replete with electoral irregularities, misconduct and outright fraud. In a state where LBJ’s shenanigans have been documented as “the most brazen thievery of an election up to that point in U.S. history,” we should hardly feign surprise.

Nor should we allow the issue of free and fair elections to be weaponized and directed solely against one political party. Over history, there has been plenty of malfeasance to go around.

Most importantly, however, we cannot inure ourselves to the fact of insecure elections, which have only gotten more vulnerable with the advent of electronic voting, and in the wake of Covid-19 responses that led to the proliferation of mail-in ballots, extended early voting periods, drive-through voting, and the interruption of the vote counting that has become routine.

The result has been predictable. DA’s have identifiedmail-in mafia,” people who profit from organized mail-in ballot fraud. Legal voters have been disenfranchised, and officials have been allowed to alter election procedures in violation of our state constitution. Recently, the Harris County Elections Administrator was forced to resign after presiding over an an election that Lt. Governor Patrick called “a disaster.”

We must insist that decisive steps be taken in the next Legislative session to address election integrity and secure the future of free and fair elections in Texas. In the meantime it is up to us to step up during the midterms and volunteer and train to be poll watchers and election workers. Let politicians, election officials and voters know that the eyes of Texas are upon them.

The Texas GOP is looking to maximize eyes, ears and boots on the ground at at every phase of the election process, with grassroots volunteers who know the law and understand election code working closely with election officials to observe and report irregularities of any kind. It was just this kind of rapid response team in Houston that prevented shut down of the counting process in the primary run off election.

Texas Fights Outloud wants you to volunteer! Go to election@texasgop.org. You will be sent a link to a volunteer and training form.

And let ‘em know Texas Fights Outloud sent you.