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Texas Fights Outloud

Volunteer, Not Victim

We have to talk about election integrity again. With the midterm elections rapidly approaching, what are we now, 73 days out, confidence in the inevitability of a red wave is receding. Not because we believe Democrats will out vote us. That won’t happen and we know it. But we also know that they cheat. Big time. And right now they are getting their dirty little ducks in a row for the next Big Steal. There are several recent stories that will give even the most ardently faithful conservative pause.


Democrats are lauding a new Post Office division called Election and Government Mail Services created in order to deliver ballots in advance of the midterms, regardless of the well recognized fact (or precisely because of it) that mail in ballots are far more susceptible to fraud than in person voting. It is widely suspected that part of the motivation for the pandemic lockdowns was to influence the 2020 election results by injecting massive mail in ballot fraud. The USPS delivered more than 135 million ballots in 2020, and now we are looking at a preview of the big budget sequel—The Big Steal Part Two, brought to you by the United States Postal Service.


And this late breaking item beggars the imagination, from The Gateway Pundit: “Joe Biden just welcomed TikTok into a formal partnership with the Federal Voting Assistance Program, a U.S. government agency set up to help overseas voters in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections.” TikTok, the same Chinese company Trump banned by executive order for the serious national security threats posed by its mobile app, just launched their U.S. Midterms Election Center at the behest of our duly installed WH resident.


Anyone else out there getting serious outrage fatigue?


Well, yes. Ken Paxton, for one. He fought the good fight in the lead up to 2020, recognizing that there was an “orchestrated effort” by someone outside the state with a lot of money (who could that be?) to make sure mail in ballots went out to as many people as possible, in clear violation of Texas law. He sued and won.


But even with those victories, Paxton says Texas elections are still at risk. A ruling by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that the State Attorney General cannot unilaterally prosecute election fraud. So until the Legislature meets and passes new legislation to the contrary, Paxton warns us that it will be up to Soros-backed DA’s in big counties like Harris, Travis, Dallas and Bexar to prosecute election fraud. All part of the opposition’s well implemented long game. Not bullish for our side.


So that’s all the bad news. Now for the good. Nueces County looks clean. In the person of Kara Sands, we are blessed with a diligent and experienced official to run our elections.

But the key point here at home as well at throughout the state, remains. I reiterate, we must have eyes and ears in every polling place in every county across Texas. Many election irregularities can be addressed on the spot or reported by poll watchers and poll workers who are trained and observant, shining light into every nook and cranny of the process.

We have already seen a pattern in some counties of insufficient numbers of Republican ballots, or ballots missing certain races. We’ve seen attempts at the same vote counting stoppage that cost us Fulton County, GA. Success at barring GOP observers from the process, while grossly illegal, has become notorious.

Rapid response teams of well trained election workers and poll observers can make sure the correct ballots are made available in sufficient numbers, that voting continues until all votes are counted, that mail in ballots meet signature verifications, and that any problems are brought to the attention of the County GOP chair immediately.

This is our job as voters who care about election integrity. It’s your job if you want your country back, because we can only reclaim it one county at a time. And it is time.

Do your part. Send an email to election@texasgop.org. This goes to the County Chair, Barbie Baker. She will reply with an email containing a link to a form for volunteering and training.

She’s waiting to hear from you. And as General Flynn recently said, it is time to activate every single American to take immediate action. That’s what Texas Fights Outloud is all about. So don’t forget to let her know, TFO sent you.