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Texas Fights Outloud

An Invasion

Dear Governor Abbott:


The State of Texas is being invaded. Since Biden took office the Mexican cartels have so increased their presence on our southern border that they threaten the very social fabric of Texans’ way of life—the protection of property rights, freedom from crime, and peaceful enjoyment of our communities.


We are proud that you have called out these criminal organizations for what they are—narco-terrorist syndicates. Further, we acknowledge the support that Operation Lone Star has given our besieged law enforcement personnel and departments who are on the frontlines of what is a new war. Their stalwart and tireless service in the face of an onslaught with impossible odds is not only commendable, it’s characteristically Texan, and we’re proud of them too.


Much has been said about the failure of the federal government to enforce our immigration laws. When we recognize that this is not a symptom of ineptitude but part of a broad strategy to subvert the rule of law and undermine our Constitution, we must regrettably concede that this war is also being waged across our nation. We are simply on the front lines.


We cannot sustain, let alone win a war, with our hands tied behind our backs. Allowing the narco-terrorist cartels to make greater gains daily creates strongholds on our soil and in our culture. We know now without question that this is a battle for the sovereignty and soul of not only our state, but our nation.


The situation is grave, and if we do not readily admit that reality and take all measures to reverse

it, we will find ourselves, like our Mexican neighbors who have capitulated to these Mafioso, in a war that is no longer winnable. Even the full force of an army will not rout the corruption, violence and degradation that attends the rampant drug smuggling and human trafficking that is even now changing the tenure and tone of our cities and countryside.


Further belaboring of federal dereliction of duty is not productive. The facts are starkly clear. We must use the full force of Texan resources and will to stop the incursion that threatens us. It begins with you, dear Governor. Without your declaration of this incursion as an  “invasion,”  we are sentenced to fighting a rear guard action. To be blunt, we are doomed to failure.


Capitulation is so foreign to the spirit of this great state that it is entirely unacceptable. We urge you to reassert our sovereignty, to claim our authority, and to allow Texas to enforce our citizens’ security by any and all means necessary. Declare an invasion now.


This is what is required. The time is late.  As our chosen elected Governor, representative of the citizens of Texas, we are entrusting you with our future and our fate.


For Texas and Texans,


Office of the Governor

P.O. Box 12428

Austin, Texas 78711-2428