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Texas Fights Outloud

Texas Fights Outloud

        What is Texas Fights Outloud?


Texas Fights Outloud is a new weekly feature Mondays at 9 am on the Bob Jones Show. Each week we’ll choose one burning issue with a “Texcentric” focus, discuss its ins and outs, and give you the tools you need to make your voice heard, whether that’s phone numbers, website addresses, scripts for emails or talking points for phone calls.


We’ve realized that the only antidote for frustration and despair is activism. Being informed is essential, but can leave us in a morass of bad news. The energy to pull us out of that downward spiral comes from taking action. We must make our voices heard, and we recognize that our base of power is in this proud state of Texas—in our municipalities, counties and statewide. This is where our voice can be the loudest. We are the immediate stakeholders.


So we’ll be choosing issues that impact at all those levels of governance, including the hyper local.



            Why Texas Fights Outloud?


There is a very real thing called learned helplessness. I think we can see it in overdrive right now as the left, the elites drive us to the edge of what we can stand. On every front—cultural, economic, geopolitical—their agenda is barreling forward at mach speed, with all the levers of power which are our usual recourse ripped from our hands. The judicial branch betrays us, law enforcement at every level has betrayed us, our elected officials betray us, and the electoral system itself betrays us.


This overwhelm and impotence is a psychological recipe for learned helplessness which is the behavior exhibited by a subject after enduring repeated aversive stimuli beyond their control. This is what happens when people or animals become conditioned to believe that a bad situation is unchangeable or inescapable. They give up. They submit. The clinical view of this condition is that it leads to depression and mental illness.


It should be obvious to our listeners that this is a big part of the psychological operation being waged against us relentlessly. Because what is the desired outcome? Precisely that we give up, we submit. And our silence, our inaction will be construed as consent. These are the rules of engagement.


This is a vital concept for us to be aware of and on the lookout for in the days to come, because it can only get more challenging from here and we have to be on top of our game. In this spirit we offer Texas Fights Outloud as an embattled but unyielding outpost on the psychological front of this war in which we are all engaged, like it or not.


Return here weekly to listen to our Texas Fights Outloud podcasts, read our blogs, and find the resources you need to take action on the issues that matter to you as an American and a Texan.