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Texas Fights Outloud Archives for 2022-07

Respond or React



We’re all seeing the thinning of items lining the shelves of our grocery stores, and the rising prices of the items that are available. The dire warnings of pundits are gathering like ominous thunder clouds. Fox Business News predicts food shortages and peak prices this fall.  The CEO of Goya Foods says, We are on the precipice of a global food crisis.”


There are many factors contributing to this gloomy scenario. Rising fuel costs drive up the price of both fertilizer and of food distribution. The war in Ukraine takes offline one of the world’s major bread baskets. They produce 50% of the world’s fertilizer, and export substantial amounts of its wheat and corn. Break downs in supply chains due to trucking, shipping and rail disruptions play a role, as does the recent spate of arson torching food distribution plants around the country.


And to make matters worse, much of our food comes from large corporate farms owned by other countries. It seems like a perfect storm. Meanwhile, 20 different federal departments and agencies play some role in shaping our food system.6We can lay at their feet this failure to secure our food supply. But why waste breath? If the federal government won’t secure the border, how likely is it that they will address food security? The failure of leadership is across the board.


Yet state governments are not powerless in the face of this failure. Texas can regulate (or deregulate) food sold within its state lines. State initiatives can foster innovation and cottage industry production, and help buffer the agricultural sector from excessive federal regulation, particularly around water use issues, emission controls and other Green New Deal fallout. They can protect farm and ranch land from foreign control.


Texas can take a pro-active stance toward this looming crisis, and Texas Fights Outloud calls upon our great state to do so, before a crisis point is reached.


On a practical level it matters little if the problems that threaten our food supply originate here in the U.S. or abroad. We know that the solutions will only be forthcoming closer to home. Let’s task our Agricultural Commissioner, Sid Miller, and other elected officials with coming up with those solutions. Our own Abel Herrero sits on the Agriculture and Livestock Committee, and Senator Kolkhurst sits on the corresponding Senate committee. Reach out and let them know this issue is on your radar. Oh, and let them know Texas Fights Outloud sent you.


We can respond now, or react later. I know which I’d choose.



Commissioner Sid Miller

Texas Agriculture Commissioner




P.O. Box 1287

Austin, TX 78711-2847

(512) 463-7476



Representative Abel Herrero

Agriculture and Livestock Committee



101 East Main Avenue
Robstown, TX  78380
(361) 387-0457


Senator Lois Kolkhurst

Committee on Water, Agriculture and Rural Affairs




5606 North Navarro #300M

Victoria, TX 77904

(361) 573-7300

Texas' Date with Destiny



The Texas State Comptroller has announced that we have a 28 billion dollar surplus in tax revenues. As the nation faces record inflation, shrinking GDP, deepening supply chain ruptures, and inevitable recession, this is an enviable position to be in. We have a nest egg.


This begs the question, what will we do with it? Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick stated in a press release, “Every member of the Texas Senate will have ideas on how this additional revenue should be spent and I will give them full consideration.” Sounds a bit like a shopping spree in the making, doesn’t it? I for one am not feeling enthusiastic about hearing their shopping lists.


He goes on to say, However, I believe, first and foremost, any surplus should first go back to the taxpayers of Texas. Texas homeowners must receive tax relief before we commit to any new spending.”


But turns out Patrick’s current proposal allots only $4 billion to property tax relief, with other priorities including a 13th check for retired teachers and suspending the state gas tax for the rest of the year. Really? This is what passes for leadership? I find this both galling and appalling.

The State’s energy grid is broken, we have an invasion on our southern border, we face the most important midterm election in our history with a system vulnerable to fraud, and supply chains that provide food are breaking down across the globe. And we are going to spend our nest egg on suspending the gas tax? That, my friends, is Idiocracy in action. The two choices that are shaping up here are 1) blow out this cash in a business as usual pigs-at-the-trough-fest, or 2) give it back to citizens in property tax relief.

These choices present a false dichotomy, and a breathtaking lack of vision. What I see, rather, is neither business as usual nor Reaganesque rebates, but a unique carpe diem moment to solve the big problems we are facing, and I mean really big. These are the existential ones which our Constitution actually tasks governments with and which, left unaddressed, presage our undoing.

The four policy priorities which must be addressed to ensure our security, even in the face of disastrous and self destructive Federal policies are:

1. Secure our border.

2. Secure our energy grid.

3. Secure our elections.

4. Secure our food supply.


So let’s look at this. We can allow the politicians to squander the excess on, well, excess—pet projects in everyone’s district to buy them votes to ensure they stay in office. Or, we can give the money back to those who paid it, namely us, the taxpayers. Or we can invest our surplus in our own sovereignty, carving out our destiny according to our vision and values.

I am singularly disinterested in Dan Patrick’s deciding what to give his “full consideration.” What interests me is telling Dan Patrick and the rest of our elected officials exactly what we want, then tasking them with accomplishing it.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to take Bevo by the horns and shape our future. I cannot think of a better way to thoughtfully and wisely spend our tax dollars. We can model this kind of maturity, or we can squander the opportunity. It is Texas’ date with destiny. What will it be?

Protect Texans



This week on Texas Fights Outloud we hold our Governor and State Representatives accountable for the border crisis. Following the lead of the Texas GOP and the law enforcement bodies of our border counties, we call on them to make “Secure the Border and Protect Texans” a priority for the legislative session that convenes early next year. The priority statement crafted by the state Republicans says:


“Texas shall immediately deny all taxpayer funded services and subsidies to illegal aliens. We call upon the Governor to assert his duty under Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the US Constitution to declare an invasion on our Texas border and do everything in his power to protect Texans from this invasion. The legislature shall direct the Governor to enter into an Interstate Compact with one or more states for Border Security.”

Declaring the crisis an “invasion” is the lynchpin to invoking Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, granting Texas the right not only to arrest and detain, but to deport illegals. And only the Governor can do it, but we can and should bring pressure to bear upon him through our elected officials.

Other measures to be considered include curtailing the use of taxpayer dollars to subsidize illegals in our state. Ken Paxton estimates that Texans pay upwards of $900 million per year to provide a multitude of benefits to this population.

Texans can solve this crisis with the tools at our disposal. We have the know how. Now we need to mobilize the political will to make it happen.



Let them know that you support the “Secure the Border and Protect Texans” priority statement and want it to take front and center stage in the next legislative session which is being planned right now.


Gov. Abbott

(800) 843-5789 - Information and Referral Hotline (for Texas callers)

(512) 463-2000 - Office of the Governor Main Switchboard
(office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST)

Mailing Address:

Office of the Governor

P.O. Box 12428

Austin, Texas 78711-2428


Email contact form:




Rep. Todd Hunter

District 32

15217 S.P.I.D., Suite 205

Corpus Christi, TX 78418

(361) 949-4603 (w)

(361) 949-4634 (f)


Email contact form:




Rep. Abel Herrero

District 34

101 East Main Avenue
Robstown, Texas 78380
(361) 387-0457
(855) 850-0271



Email contact form:




Senator Lois Kolkhorst

District 18

P.O. Box 12068

Capitol Station

Austin, TX 78711

(512) 463-0118 (TEL)


Email contact form:



Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa

District 20

602 N. Staples Street, Suite 200

Corpus Christi, TX 78401

(361) 882-0900 (TEL)

(361) 882-0901

(361) 882-0902 (FAX)


Email contact form: