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The Gun Grab Part 2

GUN GRAB pt. 2




Last week Senate Democrats, with the support of 15 “Republicans,” passed the “Safer Communities Act.” GOP leader Mitch McConnell hailed the legislation as a “common sense package,” a now recognizable buzzword of the gun control lobby which infers that those who support the Second Amendment as it was crafted by our Founders lack common sense to the point of dangerous irrationality.


Fifteen Republicans (in name only) voted for the bill:


Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) 

Richard Burr (R-N.C)

Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.)

Bill Cassidy (R-La.)

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine)

John Cornyn (R-Texas)

Joni Ernst (R-Iowa)

Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)

Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)

Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)

Rob Portman (R-Ohio)

Mitt Romney (R-Utah)

Thom Tillis (R-N.C.)

Pat Toomey (R-Pa.)

Todd Young (R-Ind.).


The bill is being hailed as the first meaningful gun control legislation to have been passed in 30 years in the U.S., and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer let us know this is only the beginning, saying he hopes “it paves the way for future action on guns in Congress and at all levels of government.”


Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-Tenn.), who voted no on the measure, said that not only does the bill infringe upon Second Amendment rights, it was also crafted without committee input or any opportunity to offer amendments on the Senate floor to improve or meaningfully examine the provisions.”


The intellectual disingenuousness of our legislators is typical but still worth pointing out—anyone in the Senate truly interested in discovering and crafting solutions to complex problems would have demanded honest and thorough debate. There was none of that.


The word “common sense” is shorthand for, “this was so obvious we don’t even need to think about it.” Isn’t this method always utilized with these issues so vital to the integrity of our system of governance by those who wish to fundamentally transform (as Obama said) the character of our nation through corrupting the very spirit and letter of our laws?


Everything is crafted behind closed doors, then rushed to the floor and pushed through.  In this case, Senators had less than an hour to read an 80 page bill before a vote was forced. Such a process cannot create effective, rational “common sense” legislation. It can create a virtue signal to mask what it really is—a deal.


Instead of hardening our school security, the bill blocks unspent COVID money from going to arm or train security on school campuses. It gives an option to expand access to abortion services and abortion counseling on school campuses. What? Why is there an option for states to fund abortion in school health centers in a juvenile mental health in school safety bill?”


Oh, it’s called Leftist Let’s Make a Deal, a game they are playing with taxpayer money, pushing federal funds out to encourage, in Schumer’s parlance, “all levels of government” to adopt red flag laws that overturn the fundament of due process and flagrantly violate both the U.S. Constitution and the constitutions of our individual states.


The transformation sought can be expressed by those who actually do possess common sense—invert due process into ‘guilty until proven innocent,’ suppress dissent, disarm the citizenry, quash political opposition. Game over.


No thanks. We don’t like that game show.


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13 Texas mayors wrote a letter calling for a special legislative session to consider, wait for it, “common sense” gun control. Here is the text of the letter, in case you missed it:




TexasBig City Mayors, a bipartisan coalition of mayors from our state’s most populous cities, are calling upon our state leadership to take immediate action to prevent the next mass shooting in Texas. We represent a continuum of political ideology and have come together because we know most Texans have a strong desire for common sense reform to protect our children.  As mayors, we believe the legislature and executive leaders can come together to find the right solutions for Texas.


We are specifically calling upon Governor Abbott to call a Special Session and add the following to the call:

  • Require universal background checks for gun purchases.
  • Increase the age to purchase assault weapons in Texas to 21.
  • Pass Red Flag laws to identify threats before shootings.
  • Significant increase in mental health support funding.
  • Train and properly resource school safety officers


These reforms, supported by most Texans, would have prevented the shooters in El Paso and Uvalde from obtaining their weapons.


All our communities have supported our local law enforcement during these difficult times of civil unrest and pandemic-related violence. Pursuing gun policies that ease access to firearms makes the jobs of our first responders even more difficult.

Families are asking us how many more shootings must happen before we act. The communities of Uvalde, El Paso, Santa Fe, and Sutherland Springs deserve better. In response to mass shootings—Florida passed red flag laws, and we can do the same here in Texas.

In the immediacy after the shooting, state leaders specifically spoke about mental health disparities. We agree with the need to address this long-neglected area. Texas is ranked 50th in the nation for mental health care access by Mental Health America. We should do all we can to lift our state up from the bottom of this list.

There have been welcome and strategic proposals presented by other state leaders regarding mental health programs, specifically for students in school. We agree that significant investments in behavioral health, several magnitudes greater than what has been mentioned, are both needed and urgent.

Addressing gaps in mental health care access would require the state legislature to massively expand existing programs. This would mean more funding for school counselors, social workers, and support staff for public schools as well as enhancing accessibility at our mental health authorities. The lack of statewide access for mental health services has caused our first responders, especially our police, to all too often to be the only response to a person in crisis.

We can better support our first responders by funding mental health programs that allow for patient access and care instead of leaving law enforcement to handle these complex situations.

The problem that we face as a state, and that local law enforcement faces every day, is the ease with which dangerous individuals can obtain and access these weapons.

Protecting the 2nd Amendment means passing responsible policies that a wide majority of law-abiding gun owners support.

We cannot stand idly by while more of our fellow Texans, often our children and law enforcement officers, are laid to rest as the result of another preventable shooting.

Action is the only thing that will save more lives.pasted-image.tiff



These are all the same points Turncoat Cornyn helped to craft, thus paving the way for Schumer’s dream of more gun control at “all levels of government.” As if we couldn’t see this one coming. Doesn’t it just feel like a playbook?

I’m not going to color inside the lines on this one, folks. All of this is political theater. It is not meant to solve any problems of violence in our communities. If that were the case, certain self same mayors would not be in support of defunding their police departments or of DA’s who turn a blind eye to crime in their cities. It is under the watch of this same ilk that we’ve witnessed the explosion of crime rates across this country.

Nor would the Dems and their education lobby, the teachers’ unions, have pressed to remove police presence from the schools in the wake of the George Floyd incident. What did George Floyd have to do with security in schools? One thing only—emotional manipulation for the purpose of political expediency for the anti-gun, anti-law and order agenda.

What common sense does dictate is that gangs, criminals, cartels and other organized crime will not be subject to the same restraints as those citizens who abide by laws restricting gun ownership, and if there were any common sense in this discussion, it could start with the Gun Controllers making this unqualified admission.

But again, this is political theater, not “common sense” legislation. Poor Thomas Paine is rolling in his grave.

The playbook we are seeing acted out is about getting us into field position to outlaw private gun ownership, and to consolidate the government’s monopoly on force, a social engineering project we’ve been subjected to for a very long time that completely countermands the intentions of our Founding Fathers and neatly paves the path to authoritarianism.

Unfortunately, political theater is not confined to the halls of Congress or to legislative bodies. The surreal, fabricated feel of these escalating events has all the fingerprints of the very serious and deadly theater of real politik, false flag operations.

Why are over 98% of these shooters vulnerable young men on psychiatric drugs? If you haven’t read Dr. Mercola’s analysis of these stats, please read his well researched article posted above in this blog space.

In all these mass school shootings, the F.B.I. is always lurking in the shadows. The shooters have been interviewed multiple times by the F.B.I. or law enforcement who put them on watch lists. And yet this fact never deters their future acts of violence? Simple incompetence could not create such a predictable pattern. The role of F.B.I. informants in the Whitmer “kidnapping” scenario and in J6 is gradually coming to light. Recent evidence shows that the Buffalo shooter was in touch with a “retired” F.B.I. agent. And so on.

Could it be that these individuals are sought out by the Feds to be recruited for such operations? Recently the parents of a severely mentally disabled man revealed details of how the FBI recruited and groomed their son as a right-wing terrorist, fully aware he was a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. We know they tried to recruit Oathkeeper Jeremy Brown in advance of January 6th.

More recently and closer to home, the standing down of the entire Uvalde Police Department bears ruthless scrutiny, not likely to be forthcoming from the official DOJ process getting underway that seeks “to identify lessons learned and best practices” in active shooter situations. Sounds more like an apologia than an investigation.

"As with prior Justice Department after-action reviews of mass shootings and other critical incidents, this assessment will be fair, transparent, and independent,” said a DOJ spokesman, adding, “The Justice Department will publish a report with its findings at the conclusion of its review.”

Great. Another Warren Commission or 911 Report to throw in the dustbin of history.

So, false flag or no, the Gun Controllers have capitalized on a spate of events to create an urgent legislative agenda based more on emotion than reason.


Now, with the cover of the Uvalde shooting, we have this coalition of Texas Mayors touting the same talking points that Cornyn was complicit in putting forward, and claiming to represent “most Texans.” Just as Beto O’Rourke seized the moment to interrupt the press conference following the Uvalde tragedy using emotional manipulation for his own political grandstanding, what passes for debate about gun control is relegated to knee jerk reactions and dependent upon buzz words like “protecting our families” and “safer communities.”


You mean like in Chicago?


Perhaps that’s a fit for a city that elected the likes of Austin Mayor Steven Adler, a city where reportedly “when you call 911, nobody comes.” But it’s not a fit for us. Corpus Christians will not stand for that, thank God. We have an abiding interest in bona fide solutions to our many problems, rather than the political posturing that engrosses so many of the large cities in our state and across the country. We are lucky that way. People don’t go into politics here to set their caps for the state or national scene, and that gives us a buffer. We can have authentic dialogue lacking in larger settings, and that’s the beauty of small town politics. Because even though we are the 7th largest city in Texas, we have the ethos of a small town. We like it that way.


And as Americans we are singularly blessed with a blueprint for principles of governance called the Constitution which not only guides us, but enumerates our rights.


So we invite our Mayor, Paulette Guajardo, to return to reason and disavow the dubious company she keeps in this letter. Turn toward the people of Corpus Christi with contrition and an invitation to solve the many problems that beset us, including those of violence, crime, drugs, and gang activity. We seek substantive solutions rather than those born of expedient political posturing. It is not, Madame Mayor, about catching the nearest way. It is about the very difficult but noble work of thoughtful governance within the framework of the Constitution.

The Gun Grab, part 1

The Gun Grab, pt. 1

According to Breitbart News, Mitch McConnell tapped” Cornyn to partner with him to work with Senate Democrats to craft a supposedly bipartisan response to the Uvalde shooting. Well, maybe not so bipartisan. This weekend at the Texas GOP convention in Houston, Cornyn was viciously booed” when he took the stage. Attendees chanted, no red flags,” and go back home,” which I can only construe actually means return to D.C., the natural environment of such slimy creatures.


Elsewhere, Cornyn appeared to position himself as the initiator of the framework that’s been hammered out and introduced under the guise of bills in the house, I suppose claiming unspoken moral authority in the aftermath of the Uvalde debacle.


While the truth is that Uvalde is yet another shining example of the failure, if not outright complicity, of both local law enforcement and the F.B.I., Cornyn’s apologia, that it’s easy to criticize such a complex situation in hindsight, no doubt left McConnell with a warm and cozy feeling that he could count on our RINO Senator to collaborate with him. And, yes, I mean that in the WWII sense.


After their back room dirty work was done, the House passed “Protecting Our Children” (H.R. 7910), proposing to increase the minimum age for purchase of semi automatic weapons to 21, prohibit large capacity magazines, bar “straw purchases” for 3rd parties, and set secure firearms storage regulations for homes.


But even more treacherously slick on this slippery slope toward the normalization of gun confiscation is H.R.2377, also passed by the House. The legislation allows courts to issue “extreme risk protection orders” that bar an individual who shows risk of misuse from possessing a firearm.


The exact terrain of the slippery slope is the review done of the individual’s mental health records by the courts. We’ve all had an object lesson in the so-called impartiality of our current court system. What, pray tell, is the likelihood of courts weaponizing FERPO’s against political opposition? 100%, I’d say.


And further, the bill creates a new grant program to assist states and local governments to implement and carry out similar legislation closer to home, known as "red flag laws.” This really appears to have been the proverbial straw this weekend for the convention delegates in Houston. And well it should be. Such policies have no place in the bastion of 2A rights that is Texas.


But Cornyn sidestepped the philosophical divide by dismissing the dissent, characterizing those who objected as a “mob” and their attitude one of hate. Sound familiar? Let me connect the dots: dissent is hate, opposition is suspect if not outright illegal. And while Cornyn may have the dubious luxury of throwing shade like that at the inmates of the J6 Gulag, let me remind you these are his actual constituents he’s talking about here.


Case in point why we need to go after this with both barrels blazing. We are all in the crosshairs of this anti second amendment juggernaut. Cornyn needs to be brought to heel, and then ousted before he tries to set his cap to replace McConnell as Republican Senate leader.


And at the state and local levels, we need to hammer home to our representatives that we will NOT accept red flag laws in return for filthy federal lucre, and we will not enact them under any circumstance.


No matter how many false flags the Feds perpetrate.

Red Flags


Adapted from an article in the Epoch Times by Dr. Joseph Mercola


Mass shootings and mental health, the real cause of the problem


97.8 Percent of Mass Shootings Are Linked to This


  • While many have bought into the simplistic idea that availability of firearms is the cause of mass shootings, a number of experts have pointed out that mass shootings are far more likely the result of mental illness, depression and behavioral problems
  • Gun control legislation has shown that law-abiding Americans who own guns are not the problem, because the more gun control laws that have been passed, the more mass shootings have occurred


  • 97.8 percent of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones,” as the perpetrators know legally armed citizens won’t be there to stop them


  • Depression per se rarely results in violence. Only after antidepressants became commonplace did mass shootings really take off, and many mass shooters have been shown to be on antidepressants


  • Antidepressants, especially selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs), are well-known for their ability to cause suicidal and homicidal ideation and violence


The more gun control laws that are passed, the more mass murders have occurred. What is not debatable is that this sick phenomenon of mass murderers targeting ‘gun-free zones,’ where they know civilian carry isn’t available to law-abiding Americans, is happening.


This is what’s listed on the box of SSRI’s as side effects: anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, aggressiveness, hostility, and mania.”  Patients report emotional blunting, lack of empathy, psychosis and hallucinations. 


Couple this with the cultural wars effecting implosion of the nuclear family, faith, and education, plus the glorification of graphic violence propagated non-stop by Hollywood for decades, and the video gaming industry lust for first person shooter murder scenarios, and the conclusion is well nigh inevitable. And that’s without the Feds actually buying these kids guns to implement their false flags.


As Jeff Snyder put it in The Washington Times: ‘But to ban guns because criminals use them is to tell the innocent and law-abiding that their rights and liberties depend not on their own conduct, but on the conduct of the guilty and the lawless, and that the law will permit them to have only such rights and liberties as the lawless will allow.’”


Doubly bad when the lawless is the F.B.I. itself!


Let’s shift the gun control conversation to where it belongs—the deterioration of our collective mental health at the behest of the culture at large.


“As far as I can tell, mass shootings have far more to do with societal norms, dangerous medications, a lack of high-quality mental health services, and the normalization of violence through entertainment and in politics, than it does with gun laws per se.” 

                                                                                                            —Dr. Joseph Mercola

H.R. 4593

Since Joe Biden took office, an estimated 1.3 million people have entered our country illegally, including 42 known Jihadists on the FBI watch list. The explosion of illegal immigration on our southern border at the current administration’s behest has led to untold human misery. The cartels’ power on both sides of the border has escalated dramatically, filling their coffers with the profits of human trafficking and massive drug smuggling. Their “safe houses” are becoming fixtures in residential neighborhoods all along the border and even into the Texas interior. While human trafficking and the empowering of the cartels is bad enough, perhaps even worse is the Fentanyl, much of it from China, pouring unimpeded across our border. Fentanyl overdose is now the leading cause of death for adults 18-45 in this country.


These economic immigrants have been lured by the promise of largesse from our current administration, with the inevitable outcome that it will undercut wages for the working class, including the Hispanics whose families came here legally and who’ve worked so hard to establish themselves as citizens of this country. They are fed up. A recent poll showed that 65% of Hispanics want to see the border entirely closed.


Title 42 acted as a thin bandaid on this ocean of illegal immigration, allowing us during COVID to expel aliens under the auspices of this public health act. Biden has sought to end this protection, but has been temporarily blocked from doing so by the judiciary. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Title 42 will be inactivated in the near future.


In the meantime, Mexico has stated it will no longer accept our Title 42 expulsions of Venezuelans, Columbians, Nicaraguans, Africans, Peruvians, so our government is now waving them across our border. The largest caravan in history is now headed to Del Rio. In two weeks’ time, Eagle Pass will be absolutely overrun by 12,000 illegals.


The Federal government which created this disaster has neither the will nor the motivation to stop it. It is imperative that states step into this breach of national security and sovereignty. The “Securing the Border States Act” gives them the necessary leverage to do so.


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